Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Day 14 - be GRATEFUL

Dear Diary...

i've been feeling sick recently... maybe it caused by the "PMS", idk...
but yesterday, when i felt like i was totally awful, i found a group page on Fb..
its bout a 7 yo-girl named Velisia.. she's Indonesian, but since she got Leukimia, she moved to Penang, Malaysia for some treatments..

can't u imagine? she's only 7 yo & she has to endure a lot of pain from chemo, blood testing 'n many other treatments to cure her.. i mean, she only 7 yo & she has to go through this kind of life..

i feel bad for her, i feel sad for her.. life seems to be "unfair" for her..
but u know, when i saw her photos, she went through all of these treatments with smile.. eventhough she's not as lucky as u & me (since i bet, we've never been through this kind of life & we have no idea how it feels like) but she still lives in joy..

i do really learn something from her.. we often complain about our life.. but have u ever thought about a lot of people out there who have worse condition than us?
at least, we can still live our life normally.. we're healthy.. we still have this breath to breathe when we wake up.. so why don't we just try to be grateful? to live our life happily?

maybe u can (still) say that i have no idea what ur problems are, tht's TRUE.. but at least, u can still eat, u still have house, u still can go to school & any other places wherever u want, 'n u don't have to fight as hard as Velisia.......
'n there are thousands and billions people out there who have to fight to eat, to get a shelter..... its impossible (now) if u still say that u aren't as lucky as them, rite?

from now on, just (try to) be grateful for everything happens in ur life.. i know that everything happens isn't a coincidence..but bcoz God has a "special" plan for each of us..

*this post is dedicated to Velisia, get well soon little Angel ^^*
open her group page here

oh ya,, 'n u can help her too by praying for her 'n donating (see the explanation on her page)


  1. Hi dear..sorry for the late reply.
    I've been in a 5-year realtionship with my bf dear..:)
    btw, km tgl dimana sih?
    followed u already..thanks for the follow!
    and linked u also..link me back :)


  2. waoouw!!! tht's great!! :) ak thn ni hmpir 5taun jg sm my bf.. tp tu aja sring berantem.. LOL
    i'm from solo, but now i live in KL.. :) hbu?
    ok.. thx, dear!! ^^ i've linked u too.. :D



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