Sunday, June 20, 2010

Day 22 - weekend

Dear Diary....

yesterday i watched SATc-2!! finally... ^^ well, to be honest, i think the story is'nt that good though.. compared to the previous one.. but, still, the clothes are amazingly fabolous!! :D
'n here's the ticket.. i always collected my movie tickets.. i think one day i'll buy an album 'n put them all there.. :)

before watching SATC-2, i bought some stuff from GUESS.. but sadly, those aren't mine.. :(
i bought my mom a bag 'n a watch for my bf's mom.. :)
i got around RM500 voucher by purchasing the stuff!! its around IDR 1,500,000!! ^^

btw, don't u realize tht i have the lomo effect on my photos? ^^
no, no.. i don't have any lomo camera.. but yes! i've downloaded the lomo effect on the phone.. so, actually those photos taken with a phone.. :)
*psst.. for iPhone user, click Applications on ur iTunes then search "Photography" 'n u'll find "More Lomo" app 'n just download it :D


  1. wow, how could u download the lomo effect? Cool one :D
    and u seemed having a great time <3

    Feel free to check my nu update,

  2. hi,dear.. thx for dropping by 'n leaving comment here.. ^^
    are u an iPhone user? if yea, then just open ur iTunes.. 'n u'll see Applications in the left bar.. then just type Photography (on the search box) 'n look for "More Lomo" app.. :)
    oh,btw,i've visited ur blog too.. :D


  3. wow! great photos

    thanks for stopping by on my blog! :D
    .a little princess.

  4. hi.. :D
    yaa.. anak indo di KL ya? :)
    thanks for droppng by ya..
    follow back! :)

  5. oh ya.. sandal nya merk VOIR :)

  6. Veren : thx for dropping comment in my blog!! ^^

    @Janet : ohh.. i know Voir.. :) iya, aku kuliah di KL.. kamu?


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