Thursday, November 24, 2011


What's in your mind when you read the title? What do you think about your life right now? Are you satisfied with the life you live, or are you disappointed and keep complaining about it?

Today, I'm not gonna make a post about fashion and things like that. This is a totally different one, so if you think this post isn't suitable for you, then you may leave :) but if you want to continue reaing it, then you're very welcome.

These past few days, I've found a lot of things on twitter that 'awaken' me. In this life, we always look up. Look up to our idols, look up to people who are 'more' than us. Well, its not a bad thing. In fact, its good for you so you can set a 'goal' like "if she can do it, then so can I".But often, people see it this way "its so nice to be like her, her life is so perfect, not like mine". Okay,up to this point, do you see the difference? If you are the 1st person then congrats to you! :) but if you are the 2nd one, I think you may need to read this post until the end.

By keep looking up, we may get tired. Because we will find that our lives are nothing compared to those we look up to. But, 1 thing I want you to know. If those idols of yours are questioned, they may answer that they are not happy with their lives! Want a proof? There are millionaires out there commited suicide. If they were happy, why did they commit suicide?

Enough with the 'look up' thingy. Now, try to 'look down'. Don't you realize that there are thousands people (or more) out there are begging to live the life you live now? If you can read this post, it means you have a gadget and internet. and I wanna say that you are LUCKY! Yes, you are lucky! Why? Because there are millions people out there don't have the internet connection and technology or whatsoever to access this blog. Also, if you have those, it means you are rich enough! Rich enough to afford the technology. and I believe that none of you are afraid that you will have no money to buy food, am I rite? Whereby, there are billions of people out there who are craving for food right in this second just to continue to live,to survive.

Feel lucky enough? No? Okay, I'll continue :) If you can read this post, meaning you have a healthy pair of eyes! But, do you know that there are hundreds of kids, yes, kids, with retino blastoma (eye cancer) and they couldn't see bcause of that? They are supposed to play with their toys, running around like a maniac and enjoying their childhoods. But sadly, they can't. :(

If you are not sick, if you don't have to pay for fentilator (the tools to help people to breathe when they can't breathe by themselves), if you still can move your arms/your legs/your other body parts, if you still can see, you still can hear, you still can taste. THOSE ARE MIRACLES! and you have to be GRATEFUL!

If you have the money to buy food, to buy drink, to go to school/college, to shop, to ride a bike, to drive a car, to buy androids/any other gadgets, to have an internet connection on your own, then lemme tell you 1 thing. YOU ARE SO LUCKY!

So, are you gonna keep complaining about your life, or are you gonna start showing your gratitude?

Life is BEAUTIFUL, only when you SEE it that way. You can't ask others to make your life beautiful. Its YOU. Its YOUR LIFE, and it DEPENDS on YOU. and the only thing to see your life beautifully is to be GRATEFUL!

Be grateful on what you HAVE right now, and stop focusing & complaining about what you DO NOT HAVE.

Have a nice day & always be grateful! ALWAYS :)

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

another Versace ft H&M ?

Hi, there! Does anyone get the chance to own any Versace for H&M collection? Yes? No?
If yes, then I'm happy for you.. but I don't :( I want the suede boots and the red dress so muchoo... but I can't go to Spore this year :( we can't buy them online, can we?

For those who didn't get the chance to own this AW2011 collection, don't be sad bcause.....I just found out that there will be another Versace for H&M collaboration for SS2012! :D and here are the sneak peek...

The collection that is announced to be on the floor on February 2012 consists of tiny fruits printed sandals, bikinis, shorts and also the gold Versace jewellries. I heard that this collection will bring a lot of pastel colors, unlike this recent AW2011 collection which are bright and colorful.

If you miss this AW2011 then don't worry, let's be prepared for the next SS2012 collection! I'll surely grab them! :D

See ya on the next post... xoxo

Images courtesy of Mirror UK

Friday, November 11, 2011

the Angels

Victoria's Secret annual fashion show is always there highlighted on my schedule. I always feel like 'what are they gonna make this year?' Their concepts always inspire me. I've been 'following' VS since 2006 and I never get bored, sadly there is no VS is Indonesia :(

Anw, as you may already know, they've just showed their collection last Nov 9th, but it will only be aired on Nov 29th (write it down, girls!) There're 38 bombshells walking down the runway, with some famous guest stars like Nicki Minaj, Kanye West, Jay-Z, and Maroon 5. Well, here I present you some 'spoilers'

 Miranda Kerr, the hot momma with the multi million dollar bra with 142 carats diamonds

 Lindsay Ellingson

 Maryna Linchuk

 Lily Donaldson

 Candice Swanepoel, one of the VS's official angels

 Alessandra Ambrosio with her 13kg weigh of wings

Lily Aldridge

 Anne Vyalitsiana and her bf, vocalist of Maroon 5 - Adam Levine

....and last but not least, the senior angel, Adriana Lima

I seriously can't wait til Nov 29th, can you? This month really is my special month! Have a great November ahead, dears... :)

Images courtesy of Detikcom and Wolipop