Saturday, September 24, 2011

get scarved!

To be honest, this is the most favourite runway collection so far for me. Its only couple days ago I saw the Hermes - Paris Mon Ami ad campaign in youtube, then yesterday I saw it on a blog post by Silvia Siantar ( and just now I saw the runway photos from Dolce and Gabbana collection (yea, I know I'm that late due to the exam I had this morning. and yes, exam, on Saturday, morning) Its all about scarf! Scarves everywhere....

I have no idea that outerwear + skirt made from scarves could be this pretty

this wraped-around scarf dress (?) is genius!

have been looking for this kind of scarf (the one made as skirt) for agesss.....

.....and this too! briliant creation

oh! and this as well.... loving the motif on top

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Friday, September 23, 2011

Temperley London Spring 2012

Loving this collection from Temperley London, and since there are quite many photos here, so I'll be quiet and just let the photos do the talk :)

this! is... gorgeous!

the whole collection is about chic, gorgeous, and chic.....and gorgeous

they're all so elegance.. love the way the fabric moves

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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Burberry Prorsum Spring 2012 RTW

This is definitely a must-see (and must have too, if you have the money) collection from LFW.

I'm not a midi-skirt person at all, but this one might change my mind....

love how they put those two different striped-skirts and top all together

never love green color, since, imho, its such a tacky color...but this one? it is different!

and last but not least, it won't be Burberry collection without the coats

totally in love with the wide-cinched belt!

.......and that's the end of the gorgeously amazing show...

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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Matthew Williamson Spring 2012 RTW collection

Everybody's in the LFW fever now (well, including me) and so far my faves are Mullberry (which I've seen a lot of bloggers made posts about it), Burberry Prorsum and Matthew Williamson. So, let's the photos do the talk ;)

I'm craving for this blouse..... il est tellement chic!

who says orange is a tacky color?! big NU'UH! instead, I'd die to have those 2 last orange dresses (oh! and the orange blazer too, please)

Images courtesy of Vogue

Saturday, September 17, 2011


I've always have a dream. a dream since I was a kid, to live in my dream country - a.k.a the United States. Once, my dream has almost become true, until I asked my self whether I'm ready or not to be apart thousand miles away from my family and friends from my hometown. and the question is: NO.

Sometimes, I kinda regretted my past decision, not to leave my home country. Maybe I was too immature back then. And maybe I'm ready right now. But then, on the other hand, there are wayy tooo many "if(s)" banging on my head. what IF........ how IF....... those that I couldn't bear.

People told me to pursue my dream. But when I ask myself: "issit really the dream you really really want?" I couldn't even answer it.

Humans' basic needs are to love and to be loved. If my loves are separated by one long distance,
could I live without them? For they are the breath of my life.

Until now, I keep thinking "how IF that time I took that opportunity to live in the country I've been dreaming of for ages? or "what would have happened to me now IF I've lived there" and still, too many "IF(s)" keep wandering around in my head.

I often console myself that this is the best way. That decision I took is not (and never) wrong. That IF I were to live there, I wouldn't stand it (especially not to see my loves until a certain period of time)

I guess life is never gonna be as easy as when we are still kids, huh? *deep breath*

Does that mean that I have to bury deep in the dream of mine? Or should I forget it and try to find 'another' dream I should pursue? or should I just wait until I have that courage to live my dream? Just like Walt Disney said: "All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them."