Thursday, September 16, 2010

Day 40 - back to the real world!! part.2

Dear Diary....

this post is the continuous post from yesterday.. photos taken on the 2nd day
in the morning, I met my old friends.. we're friends from elementary school..
but after graduated from high-school, we hardly ever meet again
until last holiday we finally met at Grand Indonesia.. :)
we had lunch at Plaza de Waruku 'n went shopping!! ^^

then at nite I watched hello stranger.. its a Thai movie but a nice one!! me likey soo much!! :D

have u watched it? what do u think?

what I wore :

top : Zara TRF
jeans : Kate Moss
sandals : Karen&Chloe
bangles : diva
rings : forever21 & soakrepublic

top+belt : fab'lous (online shop)
jeans : Bonnton (Malaysian brand)
sandals : Vinnci
necklace : Swarovski

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Day 39 - back to the real world!! part-1

photos taken from the plane., I'm a big fan of SKY!!

crowds in Jalan Thamrin

Dear Diary...
Hi guys..!! I'm so happy 'n excited when I open my blog, I found tht I gained a few more followers..
even though only a few, but knowing tht someone followed my blog, it makes me feel sooo.....great!!
thanks a lot, bloggers!! ^^

anw, just as I said before, I went to Jakarta for a week & I stayed in Hotel Nikko.. all alone in a room.. :s but its kinda exciting though!! I feel like a bussiness-woman on the trip.. hahaaa....
my first day is an Idul Fitri Eve.. so at nite, people gathered around Jalan Thamrin 'n celebrated there.. I saw fireworks 'n it was so nice! I'm happy for them.. :)

'n once again, I want to say Happy Idul Fitri..!! mohon maaf lahir batin, all...

Monday, September 6, 2010

Day 38 - foodism & holiday

Hi, Dear...

I'm not gonna talk much now.. just gonna show u some picts I took last weekend..
I went to "Bumbu Desa" in the Curve, Damansara on Friday.. it's an Indonesian Restaurant, then I went to MidValley Megamall plus the Gardens on Saturday & on Sunday I went to Ajisen Ramen after Church-ing..
Well, I'm gonna be off for a week starts from tomorrow 'n I'll be posting again on the 15th.. :)
so... enjoy ur holiday, all!! 'n SELAMAT HARI IDUL FITRI for those who celebrate it.. ^^

Friday, September 3, 2010

Day 37 - post from an amateur stylist

Dear Diary....

I've been doing nothing from 2days ago.. my recent activities are reading comic, watching Project Runway (all seasons), checking FB, twitter, browsing, chatting on BBM with my friends & so on..
seriously, for the first week, I feel so relax & I really enjoy it..
but after a week, I get bored... like really2 bored.. *phew

I've been going nowhere & of course since I have no photos too, I'm just gonna post my looks from looklet..
so, what do u think? ^^

psst... I can't wait til next Thursday.. I'll be going to Jakarta after 3years!! lol..
yess!! I have no chance & no time to go to Jakarta for the past 3years.. *lame*
so, yeaa... just wait for my next update bout my holiday! cya.. ^^

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Day 36 - welcome!!

my new display picture! ^^

these two photos are off.. but i kinda ike it this way somehow.. ;)

Dear Diary....

i just wanna say "Welcome September!!" ^^
today's also my bestie's 3rd anniversary with her bf..
I've mentioned it everywhere.. lol

oh.. 'n those are my old pictures.. old as in, i took it last week, not this week.. lol

what i wore?

top : Zara (MidValley Megamall)
denim pants : American Eagle
(I bought it when I was in US)
belt : fab'louz (online shop)
shoes : Nose (Suria KLCC)
ring : Topshop (Pavillion)
gold bracelet : Topshop (Pavillion)
pearl bracelet : from China
necklace : online shop in Malaysia

btw, do u recognize something?
YESS!! I changed my blog layout.. :)
so, what do u think?? ^^