Saturday, May 29, 2010

Day 13 - a normal day

Dear Diary...

yesterday i went to 1U, a quite-big shopping-mall...

*inside - the new wing*

*inside - the total view, both new & old wing*

actually i wanted to go to Sunway Pyramid which is nearer to my house..
but then, it was super crowded, so my bf, my bestie 'n i went to 1U instead..
my bestie 'n i bought some cute underwears.. LOL
then i bought a cute ring from forever21 (one day i'll wear it 'n i'll show u the pict :)

what i wore?
denim vest - Plopherz (u can find them on Facebook)
Tshirt - HardRock Orlando (from United States)
denim - P & Co. (Malaysian brand)

since u can't see them, so i uploaded another pict...

*i bought them in Surabaya (Indonesia) while i'm on holiday a year ago with my bestie*

ok.. before u make any comment, i'll explain few things :
  1. the room is super messy, i know.. but its not my own room, its my housemate's room.. LOL
  2. the mirror? yea.. actually there are 3-squared-mirrors combine together.. tht's why u can see a line across..
  3. the picture is soo bad, i knew it.. my mom took my digicam last month when she went to Europe, so i hav no more camera with me now.. but i promise i'll get the new one for me.. iXus 130!! ^^

Friday, May 28, 2010

Day 12

Dear Diary....

i'm a bit lazy (well, super lazy actually) to do anything... i always wake up at 12-1pm now.. then just slacking in front of my lappy, drinking hot chocolate (my roomate's ovaltine)'n so on..

(i took this pict when i was in starbucks ages ago actually )

i've been doing a final project & to get into the final step, my group mate 'n I have to pass 6reports.. yea, around 6 tiring-reports.. so far we've only done 2 'n gonna submit the 3rd one next week.. so, yea.. a lot of things to do... pheeww... =.=

'n few days ago, my Korean friend gave me this link.. well, actually its for my project.. but u can take a look.. i LOVE the clothes!! they're really2 nice.. -->

*to tell u the truth, i don't really like the long cardi, nor this casual-grey-dress..
but when they mix 'n match it, it looks great for me..
u can wear it with flat to go watch movie or just window shop with ur besties*

*i dunno why, but when i saw this clothes, it reminds me of church..
paired with wedge heel would be nice i guess*

*one of my wishlist.. i want a sheer-cardi!! >.<
hope i'll get it by this upcoming holiday*

*i've been looking for a vintage scarf to be worn as a headband..
but i still can't the perfect one for me.. urghh*

*i never worn any statement ring before, trust me.. since my fingers are quite small, those rings are always look awfull on me.. sighh 'n i hope i'll find a statement ring tht suits me*

*ooh... 'n i LOVE this brooch too!!*

i think i've already put a lot of effort for this post today..
yeah.. at least i made it.. *forgive my lazziness* LOL
'n thx to Suebin for giving me this link! :)

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Day 11 - links

Dear Diary...

i didn't go anywhere since last Saturday, except for school and church.. so i dun have any special post yet.. *sorry*
but i have a few links that you may like.. its about my other interest which is music.. :)

actually i wanted to download those videos 'n post it here so u can just click 'n watch them.. but something's wrong with my Youtube downloader.. *so sorry*
so, just copy the link in ur site address 'n watch it ya..
seriously, it is worth to watch.. enjoy!! :D

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Day 10 - 21st!!

Dear Diary....

yesterday my friends 'n i went to a lifestyle restaurant named Full House to celebrate Pauline's bDay which actually a week ago..

left to right : Pauline (the bDay girl), ME & Xtine

left to right : Xtine, ME, Pauline

*my FAVE photo of the day*
lft to right : same order with the above photo

left to right : Xtine, Yo2 (Pauline's bf), Pauline, Denny, ME, David (my bf) 'n Morris

what did we wear ........ ?

Xtine : blue jumpsuit - Forever21
black cardi - Zara
tote bag - F.O.S
sneakers - Converse

Pauline : denim vest - Padini
stripy shirt - Padini
denim pants - Padini
sandals - Vinnci

ME : floral jumpsuit - Forever21
brown cardi - MNG
flat shoes - Cotton On

*sorry i didn't wear high heel (as i promised before).. it doesn't match with my outfit.. :( so maybe next time!! ^^ *

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Day 9

Dear Diary...

i just can't stop posting images of Goten.. he's suppa cuteee!!

Goten & his friend - Trunks (Vegeta's son - in Indo he's called Bezita or sumthg)

this is my favourite!! ^^

Friday, May 21, 2010

Day 8

8Dear Diary...

have you ever felt you are too angry so that you can not just say words and do nothing but cry?
that perfectly reflects my feeling right now...

i wanted to scream as loud as possible but i can't....
seems like there's something that holds my breath..
it s*cks...

Day 7

Dear Diary...

recently i'm too excited reading Dragon Ball (again)
Goten (Goku's 2nd son) is just wayyy too cute!!

don't u think so?
ohh, Goten is the one on the right btw.. :)

*left : Gohan (Goku's 1st son)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Day 6

Dear Diary...

today i got meeting with my group-mate about our final project at KLCC..
we discussed in Dessert's Bar & i ordered this "bery delicious pudding"
i LOVE those berries fruit soo much! but this pudding is awesome!! its suppa delicious!!
the white one is the pudding itself 'n the bottom layer (the red jelly-ish) is from berries..
its reaaaallly GOOD!! u should try it one day.. :)

'n these photos below actually was taken last Saturday when celebrating Pauline & Yo2's new relationship in Fusion Haven..

the food there is also suppa gooodddd......

my bf 'n Pauline ordered this spaghetti seafood..

Denny also ate spaghetti but his one is carbonara

cuz Xtine is on diet, so she only ordered for a soup

then this was Yo2's one.. the name is like duck something... *yumm yumm*

'n finally, ma nourriture!! ^^ its Oriental teriyaki Chicken...
i LOVE it!!!!!! :D

'n finally.... *tadaaaa* OUR DESSERT!! ^^
inside got liquid chocolate, so when u eat the cake, the chocolate will burst inside ur mouth.. *sluuuurrpppp*

what we wore that day

ME (left) Plopherz denim vest
Disneyworld - EPCOT tanktop
unbranded denim pants
Pull 'n Bear bag

Xtine (right) from China sweatshirt
unbranded denim pants
CROCS sandals
bag? i dunno (she also forget,LOL)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Day 5 - part 2

arghh.... i forgot!! actually i still have some shoes.. hahaa
so, here they are....

i love this ONE!! 'n they also have in some other colors like pink, yellow, blue, annnnddd......

'n the other shoes (the last one) which i found is ......

they're all fom satin.. i LOVE satin!! its soooo.......... GORGEOUS!! ^^ so, what do u think?

Day 5

Dear Diary...
today is a super boring day for me..
i spent my whole day only by sitting infront of ma laptop, checking my FB, checking my twitter, chatting with some fellas, watching movie online, checking my email, then checking my FB again, checking my twitter again, and on, and on...

usually i always go to the mall, since my condo is right behind the mall.. but 2days ago my bf went to bali to renew his driving-liscense, so here i am... alone...

well, its not exactly what i'm gonna share.. i found some cool shoes just now, 'n i'm gonna share them to u..

the 1st one in beige color is from Fendi, 'n the 2nd one as well.. both of them are from Fendi collections SS2010..

i still got 2 more cool high-heels to show..

the one on the top is Proenza Schouler Black Suede Wedge 'n the one on the right is from Balenciaga..

i'm not a high-heel girl, i hardly ever wear high-heels (seriously, i can't satnd walking on those super high shoes) but these shoes attract me really well..

this Saturday is my room-mate (Pauline - u can see her pictures in Day 4 )birthday celebration 'n i'm planning to wear high-heels on tht day.. plus, my bf is coming back on the same day! i really can't wait for it.. will post some photos after tht.. see ya!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Day 4

Dear Diary...

last weekend my housemates and I wen To Genting Highland..
it's been long time for us not going there, specially my bestie never been there at all.. so, yeap, at 11am we took bus 'n arrived arround 1pm..
we queued for the hotel (since we haven't booked the room so we've to queue) we got number 0462, whereby the current number is 0226 so we had to wait for almost 2hrs until we (finally) checked in..
after putting our stuff in the room, we wne to the outdoor themepark & we had SO MUCH fun!! 'n here are some photos.. :)

left to right : Pauline, Xtine, Me

left to right : Pauline, Me , Xtine

left to right : Yo2 (Pauline's bf), Pauline, Me, Xtine

left to right : my beloved boyfriend 'n I

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Day 3

Dear Diary...

today is raining (again) !!
it's been raining since 4-5days ago.. i hate rain (but i love>
anw, i was daydreaming, i was thinking..... i WISH there's snow HERE!! in Malaysia,, 'n Indonesia as well.. i'm bored with only 2seasons tht we have which are hot season & rainy season.. *sigh
i want to know how's autumn & winter like.. i want to wear coats & boots then walking down the street... (like those i watched in movies)
besides, i bet the scenery during those 2 seasons must be SUPER PRETTY!! with the falling leaves and falling snow... OMGosh!!

btw,, talking bout these 2 seasons,, recently i open & see what's happening there.. 'n i found some interesting pictures (which are fall 'n winter clothes collections) from some designers..

those 2 are from Burberry, while...

this is from Chanel..
i just simply love the color!! :)

can't u imagine, how are u gonna look like if u wear those kinda clothes? my answer is just simple,,, COOL!! it'll be SUPER COOL!! OMGosh....
i do really hope tht one day i can live in one of those 4-seasons country, specially is States.. evrythg there seems to be PERFECT 'n FANTASTIC for me.. argghhh... have to study 'n work harder from now on...!! RUS!!! ^^

Friday, May 7, 2010

Day 2

Dear Diary...

today is my 2nd day writing my online diary..
I almost forget, but at least I'm writing (typing) it now..
yesterday I couldn't sleep..
I dunno why but seems that my brain is still ON 'n I couldn't turn it OFF for a moment..
so, yeap.. I was awake n thinking about so many things..
'n one of them is about puppy-love (or yg org indo sering blg : cinta monyet)
suddenly I remembered bout my childhood,, bout the moment when I fell in love for the first time..

he was my ex-schoolmate, my ex-sunday school-mate and he was my EX..
I dunno why suddenly I remembered him.. its not bcoz I love him *geleng-geleng* NOPE
I used to love him, but I don't love him now..
its so funny when u remember how's ur 1st time fell in love, how's ur 1st date and so on..

one thing tht crystally clear in my mind is when he came to my house for the 1st time..
since we were still in primary school (6th grade), he could only ride a bike..
so,, yeap,, one day he was riding his bike to my house (his house n mine are quite near)
'n he parked his bike outside (he didn't dare to come into my house) then we talked (outside)
while we were talking, we saw my mom's car (a green Toyota Kijang) coming to my house..
we were shocked bcoz we thought my mom was still at her work!!
I didn't know what happen that time, but one thing tht I knew was he's gone.. he's suddenly GONE.. so i just closed the door 'n came int my house..
after few minutes he called me.. he said tht he was to scared (idk why) so he just ran away.. o.O

if I play a "flashback" button in my mind, I'll keep laughing when I reach this part..
its just a silly story for me.. but without this such a story, deep down in my heart knew tht my love wouldn't be as colorful as now.. :)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Day 1

Dear Diary.....

hey... today is day 1.. my 1st day writing my own diary.. i'm so excited.. ^^
now i'm gonna start to make a wish list..
recently, i have a lot of things in my mind that either i want to buy or to achieve..
so, here they are :

this year i'm gonna graduated, i'm gonna get my advanced diploma soon.. hopefully it'll be on time (without delay/fail/anythg).. i'm so excited!! i can't wait til the day i graduate.. :)

2months ago my bf bought his iPhone 'n both of us are crazy bout it.. now i'm saving for my upcoming iPhone.. hope i can buy it within 2months.. yaaayy!! ^^ lot of people keep asking me why don't i ask my mom 'n buy it now.. the answer is simple, i want to buy my 1st iPhone with my own effort, so it'll be more worth it.. cuz when u buy things with ur own money, u'll treat tht things more carefully, won't u? :D blog
u know, this is my 3rd blog.. i had 2blogs before but all of them are failed alrdy.. hahaa.. i'll be excited to write my blog for the 1st week only 'n after tht i'll be bored.. so i'm hoping tht this one is exceptional.. hope this can be my fashion blog or whatever blog tht i can continue writing on for the next few year.. :D

i used to hang out (almost) every day with my girls.. but since we are in college, we rarely meet 'n talk to each other, which sometimes it makes me feel bad.. so, few days ago, me 'n one of my bestie planned a trip to Bali this June (within this year) with 4 other girls.. i do really hope tht 6 of us can go to Bali this year.. i knew tht it'll be a blast!! :D

honestly, i'm not a BB person... at all.. 'n my sista as well.. but, since 3months ago, my brother-in-law bought her a BB onyx 'n somehow i kinda like it.. but still, not as much as i love iPhone.. :) 'n i kinda think to buy a BB within this year.. after i got my 1st iPhone of course.. ^^

so... yeapp!! those are my wish list so far.. hope those wishes will come true!! ^^