Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Day 1

Dear Diary.....

hey... today is day 1.. my 1st day writing my own diary.. i'm so excited.. ^^
now i'm gonna start to make a wish list..
recently, i have a lot of things in my mind that either i want to buy or to achieve..
so, here they are :

this year i'm gonna graduated, i'm gonna get my advanced diploma soon.. hopefully it'll be on time (without delay/fail/anythg).. i'm so excited!! i can't wait til the day i graduate.. :)

2months ago my bf bought his iPhone 'n both of us are crazy bout it.. now i'm saving for my upcoming iPhone.. hope i can buy it within 2months.. yaaayy!! ^^ lot of people keep asking me why don't i ask my mom 'n buy it now.. the answer is simple, i want to buy my 1st iPhone with my own effort, so it'll be more worth it.. cuz when u buy things with ur own money, u'll treat tht things more carefully, won't u? :D blog
u know, this is my 3rd blog.. i had 2blogs before but all of them are failed alrdy.. hahaa.. i'll be excited to write my blog for the 1st week only 'n after tht i'll be bored.. so i'm hoping tht this one is exceptional.. hope this can be my fashion blog or whatever blog tht i can continue writing on for the next few year.. :D

i used to hang out (almost) every day with my girls.. but since we are in college, we rarely meet 'n talk to each other, which sometimes it makes me feel bad.. so, few days ago, me 'n one of my bestie planned a trip to Bali this June (within this year) with 4 other girls.. i do really hope tht 6 of us can go to Bali this year.. i knew tht it'll be a blast!! :D

honestly, i'm not a BB person... at all.. 'n my sista as well.. but, since 3months ago, my brother-in-law bought her a BB onyx 'n somehow i kinda like it.. but still, not as much as i love iPhone.. :) 'n i kinda think to buy a BB within this year.. after i got my 1st iPhone of course.. ^^

so... yeapp!! those are my wish list so far.. hope those wishes will come true!! ^^

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