Saturday, May 29, 2010

Day 13 - a normal day

Dear Diary...

yesterday i went to 1U, a quite-big shopping-mall...

*inside - the new wing*

*inside - the total view, both new & old wing*

actually i wanted to go to Sunway Pyramid which is nearer to my house..
but then, it was super crowded, so my bf, my bestie 'n i went to 1U instead..
my bestie 'n i bought some cute underwears.. LOL
then i bought a cute ring from forever21 (one day i'll wear it 'n i'll show u the pict :)

what i wore?
denim vest - Plopherz (u can find them on Facebook)
Tshirt - HardRock Orlando (from United States)
denim - P & Co. (Malaysian brand)

since u can't see them, so i uploaded another pict...

*i bought them in Surabaya (Indonesia) while i'm on holiday a year ago with my bestie*

ok.. before u make any comment, i'll explain few things :
  1. the room is super messy, i know.. but its not my own room, its my housemate's room.. LOL
  2. the mirror? yea.. actually there are 3-squared-mirrors combine together.. tht's why u can see a line across..
  3. the picture is soo bad, i knew it.. my mom took my digicam last month when she went to Europe, so i hav no more camera with me now.. but i promise i'll get the new one for me.. iXus 130!! ^^


  1. thx for ur sweet comment on my post , dear :)

    re u a fan of butterfly too ? :p

    visit back anytime,

  2. thx for visiting my blog & leaving comments.. :)
    yea, i was a big fan of butterflies years ago.. ^^
    btw,i add ur FB just now.. pls accept it ya.. :)
    'n what should i call u?

  3. hii dee ,
    thx for ur comment ! :D

    i see , :)
    okeey, i'll accept it ASAP ^^ don't worry ..
    u can called me becca, :)

    keep update,

  4. cute sandals :) of course i'll link you to my blog list link. nice to know you! check my latest post!

    xoxo, bee ♥


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