Sunday, May 23, 2010

Day 10 - 21st!!

Dear Diary....

yesterday my friends 'n i went to a lifestyle restaurant named Full House to celebrate Pauline's bDay which actually a week ago..

left to right : Pauline (the bDay girl), ME & Xtine

left to right : Xtine, ME, Pauline

*my FAVE photo of the day*
lft to right : same order with the above photo

left to right : Xtine, Yo2 (Pauline's bf), Pauline, Denny, ME, David (my bf) 'n Morris

what did we wear ........ ?

Xtine : blue jumpsuit - Forever21
black cardi - Zara
tote bag - F.O.S
sneakers - Converse

Pauline : denim vest - Padini
stripy shirt - Padini
denim pants - Padini
sandals - Vinnci

ME : floral jumpsuit - Forever21
brown cardi - MNG
flat shoes - Cotton On

*sorry i didn't wear high heel (as i promised before).. it doesn't match with my outfit.. :( so maybe next time!! ^^ *


  1. Hello!!
    You have a great blog!! I really love you photos! Keep going like this!!

    Check out my blog and follow me if you want!!

    Hugs & Kisses from your latest follower, Mariza!

  2. Hi,Mariza! ^^ thx for following me..
    i've followed u too... btw,r u Russian? :)


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