Friday, May 7, 2010

Day 2

Dear Diary...

today is my 2nd day writing my online diary..
I almost forget, but at least I'm writing (typing) it now..
yesterday I couldn't sleep..
I dunno why but seems that my brain is still ON 'n I couldn't turn it OFF for a moment..
so, yeap.. I was awake n thinking about so many things..
'n one of them is about puppy-love (or yg org indo sering blg : cinta monyet)
suddenly I remembered bout my childhood,, bout the moment when I fell in love for the first time..

he was my ex-schoolmate, my ex-sunday school-mate and he was my EX..
I dunno why suddenly I remembered him.. its not bcoz I love him *geleng-geleng* NOPE
I used to love him, but I don't love him now..
its so funny when u remember how's ur 1st time fell in love, how's ur 1st date and so on..

one thing tht crystally clear in my mind is when he came to my house for the 1st time..
since we were still in primary school (6th grade), he could only ride a bike..
so,, yeap,, one day he was riding his bike to my house (his house n mine are quite near)
'n he parked his bike outside (he didn't dare to come into my house) then we talked (outside)
while we were talking, we saw my mom's car (a green Toyota Kijang) coming to my house..
we were shocked bcoz we thought my mom was still at her work!!
I didn't know what happen that time, but one thing tht I knew was he's gone.. he's suddenly GONE.. so i just closed the door 'n came int my house..
after few minutes he called me.. he said tht he was to scared (idk why) so he just ran away.. o.O

if I play a "flashback" button in my mind, I'll keep laughing when I reach this part..
its just a silly story for me.. but without this such a story, deep down in my heart knew tht my love wouldn't be as colorful as now.. :)

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