Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Day 28 - the Resort

Dear Diary...

hi guys! i'm happy tht today i can update my blog again.. :) but sadly, i don't have time to take photos of my outfits.. :( so today i'm just gonna show u some pictures of designers' collections from the Resort collection 2010.. hope u'll like it.. ^^

here we go.. first of all, i do really like this polkadot motives by Miu Miu..
i'm craving for the red wedgesss....!!

now, from another designer : Chloe
(fyi,i always want my first daughter to be named Chloe as well *random)

this silky gold romper is killing me...
its just soo simple but, yet.. its super elegant! don't u think so?
'n again, i'm craaaaviiing for the wedges!! OMGosh....

the next one is from Balenciaga

u know what? i always wish that i was a model who had a super long plus skinny legs..
like these models.. see how great the dresses on her..
i really want to wear maxi dresses like these.. but i don't think it'll suit me...
but i still like it anyway.. hahaa

honestly, i don't really like this resort collections from Dior..
its too.... Barbie-ish for me.. but i'm just gonna put it here anyway..
so, what do u think?

well, last but not least is my favorite brand : CHANEL!!

thing tht i like from Chanel is, it seems tht Karl Lagerfeld didn't put much effort to design 'n make those clothes.. but in fact, the result is just simply amazing!
plus, for this collection, i feel like we can apply it in the real world.. i mean, its wearable for daily activities.. like going to the mall, hanging out with friends....
ooh, i just love CHANEL!! hahaa...
fyi, my most favorite outfit from Chanel (this resort collection) is the 1st one..
imagine u go to the beach wearing tht dress, walking in the foreshore with the breeze, watching the sunset..... *melting
oh,well.. if u want to wear it to the beach, of course u have to take off tht necklace (see the photo) first though.. or it'll be too much.. hahaa

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Day 27 - L.a.t.e

Dear Diary...

its been a while from my last post.. i've been busy with my final projects.. fyi, i'm gonna graduated in the next 2months! so. i've been doing my final projects lately... still, there are a loooot of things to do.. *pheew

well, these photos taken on last weekend actually.. but i've no time to post it.. =.= i went to watch Despiable Me, Inception 'n Eclipse during last weekend (seriously, i need some entertainments to refresh my mind) in this post, i'm not gonna talk much, i'm just gonna show u my outfit..

what i wore?

Tops : MNG
Shorts : House of Mangos (Jogja)
Shoes 1 : Vinnci
Shoes 2 : custom-made
Bags : custom-made

oh.. i haven't told u tht right after from college, i went to Sunway Pyramid directly to buy the ticket.. so i changed my shoes.. (if u wonder why i wore 2 different shoes) :p

so, yeap.. finally i've a now post now.. *fiuhh
'n for the next post..... i hav no idea when am i gonna have some time to post it.. but for sure, i will spare my time to make a new post.. :)

please pray for my projects 'n my upcoming graduation, guys.. thx!! ^^

Friday, July 16, 2010

Day 26 - Let's go SHOPPING!! ^^

Dear Diary

yesterday i had soo much fun.. my besties (my room-mate
Xtine plus her bestie Jonus) 'n i went to Bukit Bintang area for shopping..
firstly, we went to Suria KLCC, then we moved to Pavilion then lot10 'n last destination was Sungei Wang..
i bought a bracelet 'n a vintage ring from Topshop plus a high-waist short from Zara.. unfortunately the short is a bit bigger for me (my size actually is US 2/UK 34, but the smallest size available was only US 4/UK 36) but since i fell in love alrdy so i just bought it.. i'll alter it later.. ;)
we left our apartment at around 12 'n we went back at 9pm! its like 9hrs shopping!hahaa..
seriously, even though it was soo much tiring, but we had soo much fun.. we were laughing all the way til we got in the wrong train (Oopss!!) hahaa.. :D

uh.. ok, so here are the photos!! ^^ taken with Jonus' camera

*fyi, i love this one so much! look at Jonus' face! so funny, rite? :p

ohh.. after we went back to Sunway area, we had dinner at BBQ Plaza in Sunway Pyramid.. well, actually i still hav a few more photos in my phone.. will add them in a.s.a.p ;)

what i wore?
inner top : from some random store
jumpsuit : PrisZia boutique
(i got it when i was in Jogja on my holiday)
flats : cotton on
bags : custom-made order

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Dear Diary....

don't u realize tht i've been missing for like ages?? like i told u bfore, i went to my hometown for my holiday.. 'n it was superb!! ^^ i enjoyed my time sooo much.. :D but the badnews is, i don't have any photos with me during my holiday.... :(

so, yea.. the 1st day i'm back, i went to watch Eclipse!! ^^ OMGosh... i love Jacob like sooo much!! he's such a HOT man! :p

'n what i wore? check it out! ;)

tops : Plopherz
skirts : forever21
necklace : swarovski
sandals : vinnci
bags : pull 'n bear