Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Day 28 - the Resort

Dear Diary...

hi guys! i'm happy tht today i can update my blog again.. :) but sadly, i don't have time to take photos of my outfits.. :( so today i'm just gonna show u some pictures of designers' collections from the Resort collection 2010.. hope u'll like it.. ^^

here we go.. first of all, i do really like this polkadot motives by Miu Miu..
i'm craving for the red wedgesss....!!

now, from another designer : Chloe
(fyi,i always want my first daughter to be named Chloe as well *random)

this silky gold romper is killing me...
its just soo simple but, yet.. its super elegant! don't u think so?
'n again, i'm craaaaviiing for the wedges!! OMGosh....

the next one is from Balenciaga

u know what? i always wish that i was a model who had a super long plus skinny legs..
like these models.. see how great the dresses on her..
i really want to wear maxi dresses like these.. but i don't think it'll suit me...
but i still like it anyway.. hahaa

honestly, i don't really like this resort collections from Dior..
its too.... Barbie-ish for me.. but i'm just gonna put it here anyway..
so, what do u think?

well, last but not least is my favorite brand : CHANEL!!

thing tht i like from Chanel is, it seems tht Karl Lagerfeld didn't put much effort to design 'n make those clothes.. but in fact, the result is just simply amazing!
plus, for this collection, i feel like we can apply it in the real world.. i mean, its wearable for daily activities.. like going to the mall, hanging out with friends....
ooh, i just love CHANEL!! hahaa...
fyi, my most favorite outfit from Chanel (this resort collection) is the 1st one..
imagine u go to the beach wearing tht dress, walking in the foreshore with the breeze, watching the sunset..... *melting
oh,well.. if u want to wear it to the beach, of course u have to take off tht necklace (see the photo) first though.. or it'll be too much.. hahaa


  1. Miu Miu always has something envious!Agree with your opinion ;)XO,BarbieJunk

  2. Nice! cute photos! I like your blog. I'm a new follower YAY!! Please check out mine when you get a chance ( I hope you follow back : )

  3. Chanel will always be mi amore in the fashion world <3 their design is just timeless and always classy! but that miu-miu is fun as well <3

  4. I always love the shoes from Miu Miu :)
    Those polka dot ones are really cute and they look a lot like the sparrow platforms!

    Come, follow my blog :)


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