Monday, August 9, 2010

Day 29 - all about M

Dear Diary,

as i said before, i've been sooo busy recently... i've been doing my final projects, one of them is conducting a fashion show on this Thursday - i promise, i'll upload the photos later -which reminds me that i have no good camera in my hand, so i have to buy the new one soon - as in before Thursday.

during my busy time, my refreshments are twitter, BBM, facebook & BOOK! yess.. i love reading book.. 'n because of this book, i fell in love with Marchesa more 'n more.. so, in this post i'm just gonna show u some gorgeous collections by Marchesa.. check it out! ;)

i love their collection from the simple one......

to the glamour yet gorgeous one.....

ooh... 'n i always wanna have a wedding gown like this one day... =D

As described by New York Magazine, the "look" of Marchesa is:

Pretty evening gowns that offer extra delicacy and detail make up the bulk of the collections. Far East–inspired embroidery, draping fabrics, and a modern, feminine perspective lend the label its distinctive look.

*For You to Know : Marchesa is founded by Keren Craig and Georgina Chapman in 2004. The label is named after socialite Marchesa Luisa Casati*


  1. gosh they are too gorgeous, marchesa is genius!!


  2. amazing dresses! very inspirational.. i love the silhouette of all of them!

    xx Winnie

  3. i love the first one ! beautiful ! (:


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