Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Day 35 - Sushiday! ;)

Dear Diary...

I've been FREE since last week presentation.. so yesterday my bf 'n I went to Suria KLCC shopping mall.. I went to Kinokuniya bookstore to buy the Teen Vogue Hand Book.. after reserving for a week, finally I got it!! ^^

'n I ate a lot of sushi yesterday.. I had sushi for both lunch & dinner.. hahaa...

for lunch I only ate a box of tamago from ISetan, while for dinner I went to Sushi Heng in Asia Cafe.. both were super delicious.. scrumptious!! =D

this one called tamago dragon ball.. under each of the tamago was a ball of rice mixed with prawn eggs..

this's soft shell crab sushi..

'n another one too called Rocky.. lol

so, what I wore?
top : forever21
short : random
bag : Bally
necklace : swarovski

this one was the fail one, but I kinda like it somehow..

this is my favorite bag.. i got it for my 17th birthday present from my bestfriend in US.. so, u know why I love it sooo much, don't u? ;)

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