Thursday, August 26, 2010

Day 33 - Chacharel

Dear Diary...

have u ever heard of this brand before? well, its not really well-known in Asia i guess..
i found out this brand 2 months ago for the first time.. its because my mom bought me this perfume called Scarlett by Chacharel (read : shyakarel) when she went to Paris 2 months ago.. i love the scent! yes i DO loooove it like sooo much.. i feel like its so ME!!
'n when i took the quiz on their website, it appears that this one suits my personality well.. i'm just so happy with it.. ^^ u can also take the quiz.. click here
'n here is their official website :

so, i browsed this brand 'n i found out that they also have some clothing collections which i like too!!
here are their F/W 2010 collections :

oh.. 'n BTW... i'm FREE now!! finally my final presentation is O.V.E.R!! ^^ my group-mates 'n i only have to adjust some minor details.. 'n now i'm waiting for September to come!! :D there are at least 3 things i really want... 1st is my Hari Raya Idul Fitri Holiday (psst.. i'm going to Jakarta!! ^^) 2nd is my besties bday (which are on Sept 12th & 16th) 'n lastly is my graduation day (Sept 23rd)!! 8D can't wait!!!!

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