Friday, November 19, 2010

Day 50 - forever 21 for sale

hi, dear...
recently I've posted a post about my giveaway.. have u read it? do u like it?
I'll still open the giveaway til next month.. wanna join? :)

anw, I've been doing my internship these past few weeks 'n I've to make a report too at the same time... *sigh. meanwhile, I've this 'mini lookbook' project of forever 21 products.. the clothes I used for the lookbook are my own property 'n after the photoshoot's done, I don't have space to keep it anymore, I have a lot of clothes already.. so, I'm thinking to sell'em, but of course in much cheaper price.. here they are! ^^ *psstt... all of'em are still brand new! even the taggings are still attached! :)

original price : RM119 (IDR 357.000) - skirt
RM 99 (IDR 297.000) - cardigan

original price : RM 89 (IDR 267.000)

original price : RM 69 (IDR 207.000)

original price : RM 119 (IDR 357.000)

I repeat, all of them are still brand new! 'n even the taggings are still attached! :)
interested? leave comments or email at or

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Day 49 - GIVEAWAY!!

Hi, Readers..... :)
as I promised u, I'm gonna have a giveaway to welcome my upcoming birthday, so yeaa... these are the 'things' I'm going to give...

*all the gifts are from Forever 21*

*floral pastel ring*

*3pairs (in different colors) of grapes-shaped earrings*

*turtle ring with colourful crystals on the shell*

how to join?
easy! just follow these few steps :
1. follow me (if u have already followed me, u can automatically join in)
2.leave comment (tell me, which one u want)
3.put this giveaway link on ur blog (so that more people can join in)
4.send me an email (let me know ur name, ur contact number & ur addresses)
my emails : or

I'll close the giveaway exactly one month from now, which is on December 10th 2010.
I'll announce the winner few days after & the gifts are going to be sent on December 18th 2010 (a month after my birthday)
Hope u like'em! :)

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Day 48 - bodycon dress

Recently, I've been falling in love with bodycon dresses. From the affordable ones, to the high-end brands.
I just love'em soo much!! One day I'll make a post of me wearing a bodycon dress (or at least bodycon tops+bodycon skirt, well, as long as its a bodycon! :)

1.BCBG Maxazria - USD 228
2.Herve Leger - USD 1,560
3.BCBG Maxazria - USD 278
4.Herve Leger - USD 1,450
5.Forever 21 - USD 24.80
6.Forever 21 - USD 24.80
7.Forever 21 - USD 27.80
8.Forever 21 - USD 24.80

Oh, anyway, I apologize that I 'postpone' the announcement of my giveaway due to my bustle :(
but don't worry, the photos now are in 'process', will be ready by tomorrow!! ^^
*psstt.... there's gonna be some changes of the giveaway due to the readers' response..

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Day 47 - Anniversary

Dear Diary.....

sorry...... I'm such a bad blogger!! I didn't update my blog for ages...!! recently I've been doing my internship project (Indonesia ; magang) at Forever21 'n suddenly I've been super busy!! *sigh...
anw, yesterday I was planning to make a new post regarding my giveaway announcement. but since yesterday is my anniversary with my boyfriend, so this post today's bout the little 'celebration' from last nite.. for the giveaway, please be patient.. I'm gonna update it by the end of this week.. hope y'all as excited as me! :)

my bf 'n I dinner at Angus House (Japanese Charcoal Steakhouse) ysterday

the appetizer

consomme soup (the most healthy sooup - my bf said so)

Angus' special tenderloin steak

Angus' tendernous steak (tenderloin+beef bacon)

there was a fashion event called MIFA at Pavilion KL ysterday 'n this was the 'red carpet background' (the background quite matching with my outfit, loll)

TRON!! can't wait!!

today's breakfast at Yuen Garden Dimsum House

after breakfast, we (my bf, Pauline & I) went to Pavilion, AGAIN! but this time for shopping... :)

having lunch at Teppanyaki - Food Republic

Deepavali Day (Nov 5th)

ME & Pauline

what I wore?
top-to-toe all from Cotton On. loll
except the bag is from Charles & Keith and the sandals (u can't see it tho) are from Gosh :)

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Day 46 - another looklet & foodism

inspired by : first women rider era

inspired by : the 70s

inspired by : the 80s

inspired by :the 90s

old & new era of high-waisted shorts

Like I've been telling u before that I've no permanent activities lately, so I spend my days recently at home, doing nothing (eating, taking shower, browsing internet, window shopping, reading books, playing looklet, watching films & so on) so those photos are the result of my creations.

'n today is Sunday! I went to the church 'n after that I watched RED starring Bruce Willis & Morgan Freeman. Have u watched that movie? its hillarious! then after the movie, mt friends 'n I went to Sushi Zanmai. Besides the church, I feel like today's activities were just like copies of yesterday's since yesterday I also went to watch movie (Life as we know it starring Katherine Heighl) and ate sushi (Sushi King) lol.

what I wore? top : random store in Malaysia inner : GAP short pant : cotton on
belt : random store in Malaysia necklace : handmade bracelet : Ashley collection (online shop in FB) flat shoes : ruby by cotton on bag : charles&keith (my fave bag ever! lol)

Anyway, like I told u before that I'm gonna hold a giveaway for my upcoming birthday, I think I've figured out what I'm gonna give. I'll have 4items to be given away. 2 accessories from Diva (1 set of bangles & 1 pearl bracelet) and 2 flat shoes from Cotton On (I really love my flat shoes - the one on my photo - so I think that it'll be nice if u have the same shoes as mine too)

But here's the deal, for the shoes, there are some colors available : black, beige, gray, light-denim, dark-denim, black floral & white floral. So, if u want the shoes, u have to mention what color u want & what's ur size (better if u mention it in cm, my size is 38 & the length of my feet is 24cm, every 0,5cm difference is one size bigger or smaller.)

Here's the sneak peak for the flats photos... ;) within this week I'll announce the giveaway officially & I'll mention the terms & conditions apply (psst.. one of the requirements to enter this giveaway is FOLLOW my blog, so, u better follow me & I'll update u with the next announcement *wink)... be prepared, gals! ^^

I can't find out the white floral & the light-denim in this model, so I'll post photos of the color but in other models just for your color references.