Friday, November 19, 2010

Day 50 - forever 21 for sale

hi, dear...
recently I've posted a post about my giveaway.. have u read it? do u like it?
I'll still open the giveaway til next month.. wanna join? :)

anw, I've been doing my internship these past few weeks 'n I've to make a report too at the same time... *sigh. meanwhile, I've this 'mini lookbook' project of forever 21 products.. the clothes I used for the lookbook are my own property 'n after the photoshoot's done, I don't have space to keep it anymore, I have a lot of clothes already.. so, I'm thinking to sell'em, but of course in much cheaper price.. here they are! ^^ *psstt... all of'em are still brand new! even the taggings are still attached! :)

original price : RM119 (IDR 357.000) - skirt
RM 99 (IDR 297.000) - cardigan

original price : RM 89 (IDR 267.000)

original price : RM 69 (IDR 207.000)

original price : RM 119 (IDR 357.000)

I repeat, all of them are still brand new! 'n even the taggings are still attached! :)
interested? leave comments or email at or


  1. Passing by your blog. I hope we can be good friends. Can we follow each others blogs?? :) You can follow my blog by clicking here. I'd follow back, promise :DD

    *hugs & kisses*
    ♥ Kristina

  2. love the first look <3
    thank you so much for your comment & advice that you gave to me. I've tried tht and it made me feel better now. thankss :) :)
    .a little princess.

  3. Hey! Thanks for commenting, and following also! :D I'm following you too. ♥


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