Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Day 48 - bodycon dress

Recently, I've been falling in love with bodycon dresses. From the affordable ones, to the high-end brands.
I just love'em soo much!! One day I'll make a post of me wearing a bodycon dress (or at least bodycon tops+bodycon skirt, well, as long as its a bodycon! :)

1.BCBG Maxazria - USD 228
2.Herve Leger - USD 1,560
3.BCBG Maxazria - USD 278
4.Herve Leger - USD 1,450
5.Forever 21 - USD 24.80
6.Forever 21 - USD 24.80
7.Forever 21 - USD 27.80
8.Forever 21 - USD 24.80

Oh, anyway, I apologize that I 'postpone' the announcement of my giveaway due to my bustle :(
but don't worry, the photos now are in 'process', will be ready by tomorrow!! ^^
*psstt.... there's gonna be some changes of the giveaway due to the readers' response..


  1. ooh it would be good to do an outfit post on bodycon dresses :) I got a few of them bt havent worn them in a while seeing as its more of a going out thing

    xx Winnie


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