Thursday, June 24, 2010

Day - 24 Bon Anniversaire!! (part.2)

Dear Diary...

after the super-fun-surprise for my bestie, Xtine, at nite we had a fantastic dinner in Pasta Zanmai with her 'n another friends too.. so, here we are!! ^^

the birthday girl!! ^^

me with a stupid face

my bf when looking at the menu

choosing the menu

my beloved one & I

me & my food

another couple (Pauline & Yo2)

all of us

credit of those photos belong to Yo2..
he's such a great photographer.. :)

'n these pictures below taken (only) by usng an iPhone.. so, sorry for the poor quality... :(

my food (Japanese Hamburgs) 'n hers (Soft Shell Pasta)

gave her the present - an iPod shuffle.. i'm glad she likes it soo much.. ^^
'n moreover, its green!! her fave color.. :)

oh.. 'n what i wore last nite?
inner : Zara basic
outer : GAP [red]
shorts : unbranded (u can't see it though)
shoes : American Eagle
*psst.. its my fave flats!! i bought it during my holiday in States.. suppa cute.. :)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Day 23 - Bon Anniversaire!! (part1)

Dear Diary...

today, 23th June is my bestie's bday.. 'n last nite my (other) friends 'n I made a surprise for her..
so, just let the photos to the talk... :)

1st 'n 2nd photos are when we pulled the 'victim'

the 'victim' ran away & hiding in the toilet

4th 'n 5th photos : after the execution

after the victim took a bath

made a wish 'n blew the candle

the executors (ME, my bf, yo2, pauline) 'n the victim (Xtine)

SNOOW...!!! ^^
(ME on the right side :)

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Day 22 - weekend

Dear Diary....

yesterday i watched SATc-2!! finally... ^^ well, to be honest, i think the story is'nt that good though.. compared to the previous one.. but, still, the clothes are amazingly fabolous!! :D
'n here's the ticket.. i always collected my movie tickets.. i think one day i'll buy an album 'n put them all there.. :)

before watching SATC-2, i bought some stuff from GUESS.. but sadly, those aren't mine.. :(
i bought my mom a bag 'n a watch for my bf's mom.. :)
i got around RM500 voucher by purchasing the stuff!! its around IDR 1,500,000!! ^^

btw, don't u realize tht i have the lomo effect on my photos? ^^
no, no.. i don't have any lomo camera.. but yes! i've downloaded the lomo effect on the phone.. so, actually those photos taken with a phone.. :)
*psst.. for iPhone user, click Applications on ur iTunes then search "Photography" 'n u'll find "More Lomo" app 'n just download it :D

Friday, June 18, 2010

Day - 21 Lots-O!!

Dear Diary...

yesterday, suddenly my bf asked me to watch Toy Story-3 in MidValley Megamall which is quite far from my apartment.. i wanted to watch SATC-2 first, but then i can't reject my bf offer.. :)
so... yeaa... i watched Toy Story 3 ysterday.. ^^ the story is good, i almost cried in the end of the movie.. although i've never had any toys that i really really like, but i (somehow) can feel it.. :(
anw, apart from that, i totally love the movie!! ^^ 'n i love lotso too.. even though he's a bad guy in the movie.. i want a Lotso now!!

isn't it cute?? :p

well... this is it for today's post.. tmrow i'll watch SATC-2, then next Tuesday's my bestie's bday.. then nxt week i'll be going home.. ^^ a lot of excitement this week!! yaayy... :D

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Day 20 - dilemma.. anyone can help??

Dear Diary...

i'm so HAPPY that the number of my followers keep raising.. yaaayy!! ^^
its not because of the sake of FAME or popularity.. but it means that i've a lot of new friends.. :) i'm soooo happy with it.. (special thx for those who have followed me)
anw, i really really really want to hold a giveaways.. but my bestie said, usually bloggers conduct giveaways when the number of the followers reach 50 or something..
but a few days ago i'm thinking bout something else.. i'm thinkin to have a giveaway when the number of my visitors reach 500.. (well, if u notice, i put a counter in the right side of my blog now where u can see how many ppl visited ur blog)
so, what do u think? should i wait til the number of my followers become 50?

ohh... 'n tht's not the only dilemma i have.. :(
i can't decide what movie to watch first.. Sex 'n the City 2 .......

*psst... i heard SJP also put her latest collection in this movie!! *

or Toy Story 3 first??

well.... i think i'm not good (at all) when it comes to decide.... need ur help guys!! ^^

Monday, June 14, 2010

Day 19 - HighSchool NEVER ends!!

Dear Diary....

recently i miss my HS time like sooooo much...

i miss the time when i had to buy new stuff for school (e.g. new writing books, new stationeries, new bags, new shoes) but now? i don't need them anymore....

i miss the time when i had to wake up at 6 a.m everyday 'n wore my HS uniform... but now? i'll never wear any uniform anymore...

i miss the time when i walked to the school yard across my class 'n i'll see a looot of students & teachers in my HS 'n said "Pagii" (English : morning) but now? none of them (in my college) will care... since college is more individualistic

i miss the time when my teachers told me to put my shirt in & told me to wear longer socks.. since i always disobeyed the rules.. hahaa..

OMGosh!!! i miss High School soooo much...

my besties 'n me...left to right : Jane, ME, Tia (a.k.a Yax), Dea, Xtine

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Day 18 - Random

Dear Diary....

this weekend i watched 2movies in a row.. the first one is Karate Kid starring Jaden Smith & Jackie Chan.. i LOOOVEE Jaden!! really, the proverb is true, like father like son.. :)

well.. i guess u know the story already (since its a re-make movie) so... yeaa,, i'm just gonna post few photos (some are from my fave-scenes)

'n the other movie was The A-team.. when i was looking at the photos of this film, i found some old photos with the same title.. so, i guess this film is a re-make too...
here are the new and the old pictures i found...



'n this is what i wore :

the first two photos were taken when we bought the ticket
my bf - tops : OP
pants : Mark & Spencer
sandals : Nike (sorry u can't see it in the pictures)

me - tops : Zara basic
outerwear : forever21
shorts : forever21
bags : Pull 'n Bear
sandals : Gosh

'n for the movie itself, i changed the outerwear to this denim vest from Plopherz

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Day17 - Can u do me a favor?

Dear Diary...

i've been waiting for the 25th to come.. its my holiday!! ^^
i'll be going back to my hometown (SOLO)... i really can't wait!! ^o^
'n here are my inspirations... all these pictures i got it from ModCloth
their stuff are really gorgeous!! ^^
ohh.. fyi, i'm not gonna copy their designs exactly the same.. its just for my inspiration.. i'll modify it for sure.. :)

ooh... 'n i found this romper too.. :)

so, if u were me, which one u gonna choose??
i need ur opinion here, guys.. please help.. :)