Sunday, June 13, 2010

Day 18 - Random

Dear Diary....

this weekend i watched 2movies in a row.. the first one is Karate Kid starring Jaden Smith & Jackie Chan.. i LOOOVEE Jaden!! really, the proverb is true, like father like son.. :)

well.. i guess u know the story already (since its a re-make movie) so... yeaa,, i'm just gonna post few photos (some are from my fave-scenes)

'n the other movie was The A-team.. when i was looking at the photos of this film, i found some old photos with the same title.. so, i guess this film is a re-make too...
here are the new and the old pictures i found...



'n this is what i wore :

the first two photos were taken when we bought the ticket
my bf - tops : OP
pants : Mark & Spencer
sandals : Nike (sorry u can't see it in the pictures)

me - tops : Zara basic
outerwear : forever21
shorts : forever21
bags : Pull 'n Bear
sandals : Gosh

'n for the movie itself, i changed the outerwear to this denim vest from Plopherz

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