Thursday, June 10, 2010

Day17 - Can u do me a favor?

Dear Diary...

i've been waiting for the 25th to come.. its my holiday!! ^^
i'll be going back to my hometown (SOLO)... i really can't wait!! ^o^
'n here are my inspirations... all these pictures i got it from ModCloth
their stuff are really gorgeous!! ^^
ohh.. fyi, i'm not gonna copy their designs exactly the same.. its just for my inspiration.. i'll modify it for sure.. :)

ooh... 'n i found this romper too.. :)

so, if u were me, which one u gonna choose??
i need ur opinion here, guys.. please help.. :)


  1. the last one. the super cute floral romper :p
    in love with all of the designs

  2. @vdcouture : thx for leaving comment in my post, dear... :)
    i love the romper too!! ^^ i think i'm gonna make 1 dress plus that romper.. :p

    @veren lee : hi,dear!! thx for the comment & the advice.. :) yeaa... i love it too.. 'n i love the bow accent in the back.. ^^

  3. the floral dress at the top is the best!!! i really like that one!


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