Friday, June 18, 2010

Day - 21 Lots-O!!

Dear Diary...

yesterday, suddenly my bf asked me to watch Toy Story-3 in MidValley Megamall which is quite far from my apartment.. i wanted to watch SATC-2 first, but then i can't reject my bf offer.. :)
so... yeaa... i watched Toy Story 3 ysterday.. ^^ the story is good, i almost cried in the end of the movie.. although i've never had any toys that i really really like, but i (somehow) can feel it.. :(
anw, apart from that, i totally love the movie!! ^^ 'n i love lotso too.. even though he's a bad guy in the movie.. i want a Lotso now!!

isn't it cute?? :p

well... this is it for today's post.. tmrow i'll watch SATC-2, then next Tuesday's my bestie's bday.. then nxt week i'll be going home.. ^^ a lot of excitement this week!! yaayy... :D


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