Friday, June 4, 2010

Day 15 - ZARA in action

Dear Diary....

few days ago i went to a shopping mall then i went to Zara store..
seriously, i've never been in love (with Zara's collections) like this! i mean, i do like Zara, but only some (few) of them.. but this time, idk why, i love most of their collections..

*fyi, i love all the blue 'n pastel color recently*

i want to buy (at least) one of them, but then my bf didn't allow me.. he said that i spent too much (in this month) already.. he said that i have too many clothes already... *sigh
now, tell me... how can i stand not to buy anything?

but i think my bf is right..
like, seriuosly, i have to do something with all my clothes..
i have a lot of clothes that only worn few times (not more than 3 times)
its not bcoz i don't like it or its "ugly" already or whatsoever... its just (simply) bcoz i don't have
(i can't find) any chance to wear them... *sigh

a yard sale maybe...? what do u think? what should i do?


  1. go back to zara in july
    usually they held summer sale :)

  2. @Diana : hi, dear! ^^ thx for the advice! yeap.. i thought the same thing too.. :)

    @Alexandra : hi, dear! ^^ thx for ur compliment... i love zara too... :)


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