Thursday, June 17, 2010

Day 20 - dilemma.. anyone can help??

Dear Diary...

i'm so HAPPY that the number of my followers keep raising.. yaaayy!! ^^
its not because of the sake of FAME or popularity.. but it means that i've a lot of new friends.. :) i'm soooo happy with it.. (special thx for those who have followed me)
anw, i really really really want to hold a giveaways.. but my bestie said, usually bloggers conduct giveaways when the number of the followers reach 50 or something..
but a few days ago i'm thinking bout something else.. i'm thinkin to have a giveaway when the number of my visitors reach 500.. (well, if u notice, i put a counter in the right side of my blog now where u can see how many ppl visited ur blog)
so, what do u think? should i wait til the number of my followers become 50?

ohh... 'n tht's not the only dilemma i have.. :(
i can't decide what movie to watch first.. Sex 'n the City 2 .......

*psst... i heard SJP also put her latest collection in this movie!! *

or Toy Story 3 first??

well.... i think i'm not good (at all) when it comes to decide.... need ur help guys!! ^^


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