Tuesday, January 11, 2011

1st post on 2011 - 11.1.11

Dear my Dearies...

Its been a looooong time I didn't have a new post. its due to my business from Oct-Dec, from the internship schedule which was soo tight until the Christmas and New Year Eve holiday. Soo sorry that Imma such a bad bad blogger! :(
And I'd like to apologize too that until now I haven't announced the winner of my giveaway and I haven't sent the parcel yet! I'm surely the worst blogger in the world! :( because of that, I'd like to give all of the giveaway goods to only one person, who is the first one entering this giveaway of mine : Sherlyn Lavenia from Butterflies and me. CONGRATZ, dear! :)

Anyway, its a brand new year! I've some resolutions I wanna do in this 2011. One of them is to wear more dresses and less pink color. hahaa... No offense for those pink lovers, for me I feel like pink is a childish color. In short, in this year, I wanna be more more mature than before. Cuz, fyi, I'm 21 yo already actually! But none can guess my age correctly. *sigh... So, do wait for my new look! :)

Oh! And take a look of these pictures below from Lanvin. They are my new inspirations...

(photos courtesy of style.com)

PS : I do really hope that some of u are still waiting for my updates....

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