Sunday, October 24, 2010

Day 46 - another looklet & foodism

inspired by : first women rider era

inspired by : the 70s

inspired by : the 80s

inspired by :the 90s

old & new era of high-waisted shorts

Like I've been telling u before that I've no permanent activities lately, so I spend my days recently at home, doing nothing (eating, taking shower, browsing internet, window shopping, reading books, playing looklet, watching films & so on) so those photos are the result of my creations.

'n today is Sunday! I went to the church 'n after that I watched RED starring Bruce Willis & Morgan Freeman. Have u watched that movie? its hillarious! then after the movie, mt friends 'n I went to Sushi Zanmai. Besides the church, I feel like today's activities were just like copies of yesterday's since yesterday I also went to watch movie (Life as we know it starring Katherine Heighl) and ate sushi (Sushi King) lol.

what I wore? top : random store in Malaysia inner : GAP short pant : cotton on
belt : random store in Malaysia necklace : handmade bracelet : Ashley collection (online shop in FB) flat shoes : ruby by cotton on bag : charles&keith (my fave bag ever! lol)

Anyway, like I told u before that I'm gonna hold a giveaway for my upcoming birthday, I think I've figured out what I'm gonna give. I'll have 4items to be given away. 2 accessories from Diva (1 set of bangles & 1 pearl bracelet) and 2 flat shoes from Cotton On (I really love my flat shoes - the one on my photo - so I think that it'll be nice if u have the same shoes as mine too)

But here's the deal, for the shoes, there are some colors available : black, beige, gray, light-denim, dark-denim, black floral & white floral. So, if u want the shoes, u have to mention what color u want & what's ur size (better if u mention it in cm, my size is 38 & the length of my feet is 24cm, every 0,5cm difference is one size bigger or smaller.)

Here's the sneak peak for the flats photos... ;) within this week I'll announce the giveaway officially & I'll mention the terms & conditions apply (psst.. one of the requirements to enter this giveaway is FOLLOW my blog, so, u better follow me & I'll update u with the next announcement *wink)... be prepared, gals! ^^

I can't find out the white floral & the light-denim in this model, so I'll post photos of the color but in other models just for your color references.

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