Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Day 45 - last holiday in Solo (random outfit post)

what I wore?

t-shirt : Axara
shortpants : TRF Zara
Belt : Zara
Bag : Charles & Keith

what I wore?

tops : Goju by Godangbaju (facebook online shop)
belt : Samuel & Kevin
jegging : cheap 'n chic
necklace : Ashley collection (from facebook again)
earring : random shop in Malaysia
pearl bracelet : from China
ring : Topshop

what I wore?

tops : Zara
grey denim pants : Kate Moss - Topshop
belt : random store
clog : neu look - Singapore
bag : Charles & Keith

I've been doing nothing except looking for an intern job lately.. my life's been boring this week.. I still don't have anything exciting nor interesting except my last holiday photos.. so yea, here they come! (again)

my 21st birthday is coming soon next month.. 'n I'm thinking to have a giveaway, my 1st giveaway for my birthday! :)
but still haven't figured it out what's the things to be given away.. maybe u guys can gimme better ideas? ;)
hopefully by next week I can announce about the giveaway thingy.. hope y'all interested on joining in my giveaway!! ^^


  1. Hey :) Its so nice of you to be doing a giveaway on your birthday, you should be receiving presents instead!! :)
    But i think maybe you should giveaway something that represents you as a person..
    your favourite peice of jewellery maybe? Its really up to you :) xx Winnie

    Now following you

  2.'s really nice :D
    I think the giveaway can be keychains or jewelry or anything.

  3. lov the cutting of your pink dress :))
    you look such a greece princess in it.
    spotted a cool necklace :))

    tks for leave comment dear..of course we can be friend :)) just keep follow..


    in Love&Light
    Queen D


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