Saturday, August 14, 2010

Day 31 - Fash Fab!! *part2

Dear Diary...

as I promised yesterday, here are some photos!! but mostly this time is the real "behind-the-scene" one.. so, enjoy the photos!! :)

the brochure

the goodie bags

the 'ticket' hahaa...

the make up session

the REHEARSAL... :)

after rehearsal

with friends

with my college besties
left to right : SueBin, me, Laura, Louisa

the whole class plus my lecturer (on the left) GREG LEE

my class mates - FCP (Fashion Coordination & Promotion) students


  1. thank you for ur sweet comment and have followed my blog ! :D
    have followed you :)

    wow, fash project <3 i wish you goodluck for that!

  2. looks lik you had a great time :)love the pics

  3. hehe great job you did there :D and your outfit, simple yet stylish!

    btw i changed my blog, relink please,

    thanks! :D


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