Sunday, August 22, 2010

Day 32 - what woman wants

Dear Diary....

recently i've been not-in-a-good-mood.. i easily get mad 'n i also easily happy.. i think its just bcuz i'm too stress with my final projects.. *geeez...
so, ysterday was a simple "getaway" for me.. i went to the Gardens shopping mall in MidValley.. what did i do? SHOPPING!! ^^

u know Club Monaco, don't u? currently they're having a great sale (up to 80%) cuz they're gonna move out from Malaysia.. so sad.. :( idk why tho.. so, not to waste the chance, i bought some stuff.. ^^ its just a denim pants (its only RM130 - which is only around IDR390,000 after got 80% discount) 'n a black tops..

ohh.. 'n i finally i got a new camera!! welcome to my baby.. :) i'm so happy cuz finally i can take a good quality picture.. lol

so here're the results....

first, sorry bout the background.. i know its too messy.. my housemates 'n I are occupied with our final projects, so yeaa... no time to clean our house.. lol

what i wore?

tops : black ruffle top from Korea
pants : Zara midwaist stripe pants
shoes : Rubi by Cotton On

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