Saturday, July 24, 2010

Day 27 - L.a.t.e

Dear Diary...

its been a while from my last post.. i've been busy with my final projects.. fyi, i'm gonna graduated in the next 2months! so. i've been doing my final projects lately... still, there are a loooot of things to do.. *pheew

well, these photos taken on last weekend actually.. but i've no time to post it.. =.= i went to watch Despiable Me, Inception 'n Eclipse during last weekend (seriously, i need some entertainments to refresh my mind) in this post, i'm not gonna talk much, i'm just gonna show u my outfit..

what i wore?

Tops : MNG
Shorts : House of Mangos (Jogja)
Shoes 1 : Vinnci
Shoes 2 : custom-made
Bags : custom-made

oh.. i haven't told u tht right after from college, i went to Sunway Pyramid directly to buy the ticket.. so i changed my shoes.. (if u wonder why i wore 2 different shoes) :p

so, yeap.. finally i've a now post now.. *fiuhh
'n for the next post..... i hav no idea when am i gonna have some time to post it.. but for sure, i will spare my time to make a new post.. :)

please pray for my projects 'n my upcoming graduation, guys.. thx!! ^^


  1. i love this look, cute shorts and bag :)


  2. i like your shoes and your bag..

    check my new post..thx

  3. nice shoes and short! :D u got a nice long legs haha *envy

    followed and linked you back btw hehe makasih yaa :DD


  4. Your bag and shoes are killing me, dear xD XO,BarbieJunk

  5. love your shoeees! thanks for linking and following sweetheart :)

  6. I love both pairs of shoes! They're wonderful!

    Best wishes from one blogger to another,



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