Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Day 4

Dear Diary...

last weekend my housemates and I wen To Genting Highland..
it's been long time for us not going there, specially my bestie never been there at all.. so, yeap, at 11am we took bus 'n arrived arround 1pm..
we queued for the hotel (since we haven't booked the room so we've to queue) we got number 0462, whereby the current number is 0226 so we had to wait for almost 2hrs until we (finally) checked in..
after putting our stuff in the room, we wne to the outdoor themepark & we had SO MUCH fun!! 'n here are some photos.. :)

left to right : Pauline, Xtine, Me

left to right : Pauline, Me , Xtine

left to right : Yo2 (Pauline's bf), Pauline, Me, Xtine

left to right : my beloved boyfriend 'n I

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