Thursday, May 20, 2010

Day 6

Dear Diary...

today i got meeting with my group-mate about our final project at KLCC..
we discussed in Dessert's Bar & i ordered this "bery delicious pudding"
i LOVE those berries fruit soo much! but this pudding is awesome!! its suppa delicious!!
the white one is the pudding itself 'n the bottom layer (the red jelly-ish) is from berries..
its reaaaallly GOOD!! u should try it one day.. :)

'n these photos below actually was taken last Saturday when celebrating Pauline & Yo2's new relationship in Fusion Haven..

the food there is also suppa gooodddd......

my bf 'n Pauline ordered this spaghetti seafood..

Denny also ate spaghetti but his one is carbonara

cuz Xtine is on diet, so she only ordered for a soup

then this was Yo2's one.. the name is like duck something... *yumm yumm*

'n finally, ma nourriture!! ^^ its Oriental teriyaki Chicken...
i LOVE it!!!!!! :D

'n finally.... *tadaaaa* OUR DESSERT!! ^^
inside got liquid chocolate, so when u eat the cake, the chocolate will burst inside ur mouth.. *sluuuurrpppp*

what we wore that day

ME (left) Plopherz denim vest
Disneyworld - EPCOT tanktop
unbranded denim pants
Pull 'n Bear bag

Xtine (right) from China sweatshirt
unbranded denim pants
CROCS sandals
bag? i dunno (she also forget,LOL)

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