Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Day 3

Dear Diary...

today is raining (again) !!
it's been raining since 4-5days ago.. i hate rain (but i love>
anw, i was daydreaming, i was thinking..... i WISH there's snow HERE!! in Malaysia,, 'n Indonesia as well.. i'm bored with only 2seasons tht we have which are hot season & rainy season.. *sigh
i want to know how's autumn & winter like.. i want to wear coats & boots then walking down the street... (like those i watched in movies)
besides, i bet the scenery during those 2 seasons must be SUPER PRETTY!! with the falling leaves and falling snow... OMGosh!!

btw,, talking bout these 2 seasons,, recently i open www.style.com & see what's happening there.. 'n i found some interesting pictures (which are fall 'n winter clothes collections) from some designers..

those 2 are from Burberry, while...

this is from Chanel..
i just simply love the color!! :)

can't u imagine, how are u gonna look like if u wear those kinda clothes? my answer is just simple,,, COOL!! it'll be SUPER COOL!! OMGosh....
i do really hope tht one day i can live in one of those 4-seasons country, specially is States.. evrythg there seems to be PERFECT 'n FANTASTIC for me.. argghhh... have to study 'n work harder from now on...!! RUS!!! ^^

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