Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Day 5

Dear Diary...
today is a super boring day for me..
i spent my whole day only by sitting infront of ma laptop, checking my FB, checking my twitter, chatting with some fellas, watching movie online, checking my email, then checking my FB again, checking my twitter again, and on, and on...

usually i always go to the mall, since my condo is right behind the mall.. but 2days ago my bf went to bali to renew his driving-liscense, so here i am... alone...

well, its not exactly what i'm gonna share.. i found some cool shoes just now, 'n i'm gonna share them to u..

the 1st one in beige color is from Fendi, 'n the 2nd one as well.. both of them are from Fendi collections SS2010..

i still got 2 more cool high-heels to show..

the one on the top is Proenza Schouler Black Suede Wedge 'n the one on the right is from Balenciaga..

i'm not a high-heel girl, i hardly ever wear high-heels (seriously, i can't satnd walking on those super high shoes) but these shoes attract me really well..

this Saturday is my room-mate (Pauline - u can see her pictures in Day 4 )birthday celebration 'n i'm planning to wear high-heels on tht day.. plus, my bf is coming back on the same day! i really can't wait for it.. will post some photos after tht.. see ya!

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