Friday, May 28, 2010

Day 12

Dear Diary....

i'm a bit lazy (well, super lazy actually) to do anything... i always wake up at 12-1pm now.. then just slacking in front of my lappy, drinking hot chocolate (my roomate's ovaltine)'n so on..

(i took this pict when i was in starbucks ages ago actually )

i've been doing a final project & to get into the final step, my group mate 'n I have to pass 6reports.. yea, around 6 tiring-reports.. so far we've only done 2 'n gonna submit the 3rd one next week.. so, yea.. a lot of things to do... pheeww... =.=

'n few days ago, my Korean friend gave me this link.. well, actually its for my project.. but u can take a look.. i LOVE the clothes!! they're really2 nice.. -->

*to tell u the truth, i don't really like the long cardi, nor this casual-grey-dress..
but when they mix 'n match it, it looks great for me..
u can wear it with flat to go watch movie or just window shop with ur besties*

*i dunno why, but when i saw this clothes, it reminds me of church..
paired with wedge heel would be nice i guess*

*one of my wishlist.. i want a sheer-cardi!! >.<
hope i'll get it by this upcoming holiday*

*i've been looking for a vintage scarf to be worn as a headband..
but i still can't the perfect one for me.. urghh*

*i never worn any statement ring before, trust me.. since my fingers are quite small, those rings are always look awfull on me.. sighh 'n i hope i'll find a statement ring tht suits me*

*ooh... 'n i LOVE this brooch too!!*

i think i've already put a lot of effort for this post today..
yeah.. at least i made it.. *forgive my lazziness* LOL
'n thx to Suebin for giving me this link! :)

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