Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Day 39 - back to the real world!! part-1

photos taken from the plane., I'm a big fan of SKY!!

crowds in Jalan Thamrin

Dear Diary...
Hi guys..!! I'm so happy 'n excited when I open my blog, I found tht I gained a few more followers..
even though only a few, but knowing tht someone followed my blog, it makes me feel sooo.....great!!
thanks a lot, bloggers!! ^^

anw, just as I said before, I went to Jakarta for a week & I stayed in Hotel Nikko.. all alone in a room.. :s but its kinda exciting though!! I feel like a bussiness-woman on the trip.. hahaaa....
my first day is an Idul Fitri Eve.. so at nite, people gathered around Jalan Thamrin 'n celebrated there.. I saw fireworks 'n it was so nice! I'm happy for them.. :)

'n once again, I want to say Happy Idul Fitri..!! mohon maaf lahir batin, all...


  1. hi there :)
    great pictueres of the sky, i hope you enjoyed your trip to jakarta !
    i´m really happy that you follow me, you was the first one ^^ thanks

  2. being alone in the hotel must be fun! <3



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