Friday, September 3, 2010

Day 37 - post from an amateur stylist

Dear Diary....

I've been doing nothing from 2days ago.. my recent activities are reading comic, watching Project Runway (all seasons), checking FB, twitter, browsing, chatting on BBM with my friends & so on..
seriously, for the first week, I feel so relax & I really enjoy it..
but after a week, I get bored... like really2 bored.. *phew

I've been going nowhere & of course since I have no photos too, I'm just gonna post my looks from looklet..
so, what do u think? ^^

psst... I can't wait til next Thursday.. I'll be going to Jakarta after 3years!! lol..
yess!! I have no chance & no time to go to Jakarta for the past 3years.. *lame*
so, yeaa... just wait for my next update bout my holiday! cya.. ^^


  1. dear diary , something good happened today , hehehe ...

    i love the second one ! ;)

  2. cute style in looket! :D anyway, thanks for your sweet comment! hehe, yeah, i've got too many acc :p

    xoxo, bee.

  3. great looklet !

    many thanks for the comments as always ..
    glistersandblisters dot com


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