Saturday, September 24, 2011

get scarved!

To be honest, this is the most favourite runway collection so far for me. Its only couple days ago I saw the Hermes - Paris Mon Ami ad campaign in youtube, then yesterday I saw it on a blog post by Silvia Siantar ( and just now I saw the runway photos from Dolce and Gabbana collection (yea, I know I'm that late due to the exam I had this morning. and yes, exam, on Saturday, morning) Its all about scarf! Scarves everywhere....

I have no idea that outerwear + skirt made from scarves could be this pretty

this wraped-around scarf dress (?) is genius!

have been looking for this kind of scarf (the one made as skirt) for agesss.....

.....and this too! briliant creation

oh! and this as well.... loving the motif on top

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  1. I am legitimately in love with every piece here. Money, please.

    xx Jess Loves Fred

  2. Yes I did a post on this too - so in love! xx

  3. wow. I love those brightful colors! ♥

  4. just GORGEOUS... love it :)

  5. hey girl! I enjoyed reading your blog a lot. will sure pop by another time! let's keep in touch okay. looking forward to your next posts and following you now.



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