Wednesday, August 24, 2011

legacy of A.B

Hi, guys... maybe some of you have watched this tv show called Extreme Makeover Home Edition before. well, today, I watch the season 8 episode 16, re-building the house of the Brown family. its not about the house I'm gonna talk about, but the cause behind it. so, this is their story:

"We lost our daughter, Alex Brown, in a single car accident as she drove to what seemed like just another ordinary day of her senior year in high school. Although no other vehicles were involved, Alex was not alone. The cell phone on which she had sent and receive over 10,000 text messages in the weeks preceding her accident was with her. Alex lost her life to texting while driving. Although Alex is no longer with us, her memory lives. We hope you choose to do the same. Through Alex's memory we hope to educate others about the dangers of texting while driving.
To honor Alex's memory we formed The Remember Alex Brown Foundation (RAB). The foundation's website is a place to tell your story, to learn from others and to make a difference.
As you drive today, please put your cell phone away and drive safely. Your messages will be there when you arrive at your destination. Make sure that you arrive safely, too."

this is the photo of her car after the accident, and the photos below are photos of wrecked cars caused by distracted driving

so, are you gonna let people you love experience this? let's take the pledge and spread the message!

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  1. i never text when i drive !
    and i hate it when people text while they drive AND they cause traffic behind !!

    www.glisters and


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