Tuesday, August 2, 2011

10 for 10 outfits

maybe some of you've heard about this challenge by FDF. for you who doesn't know yet, we have to choose 10 items to be mixed & matched for the next 10days. and yes, I join the challenge. its so exciting!

1. white loose top from Zara
2. denim vest from Plopherz (ol-shop in Facebook)
3. black high-waisted shorts from Forever21
4. brown capri pants from Mall Atom (Surabaya)
5. lime green tanktop from Forever21
6. black basic top from Goju (ol-shop in Facebook)
7. acid-washed denim pants from Zara
8. latex legging from Forever21
9. black pump from H&M
10. beige wedge heel from Rubi - Cotton On

I chose these 10 basic items from my closet. why? bcause I'm a student and I always think "what to wear" everytime I open my closet while in hurry to go to college and since I usually take public transport to go there, I don't want people keep starring at me in MRT if I wear too eye-catchy stuff. reasonable enough?

and this is my day-1 outfit. I was wearing items #4, 5, 9 with bowler hat from Grinitty Shop (ol-shop in Facebook),and scarf from random stall in Malaysia.

sorry for the bad quality photo though... I'll post a better photo tomorrow, can't wait! :)

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  1. This challenge sounds really interesting, and I like what your items are + your first outfit! Looking forward to see your next one (:


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