Sunday, October 23, 2011

a ride to heaven

I think you can kinda guess what I'm gonna write in this post, and yes. I'll dedicate this post for Simoncelli.

Honestly, I like GP but I'm not a mad-fan who always attends every single GP race. and to be honest, I only know a few names like Rossi, Pedrosa, Stoner, etc.
Today I was in the middle of enjoying my Sunday until I read about that breaking news about Simoncelli. then a minute after, my boyfriend showed me that incident video. Although I don't know anything about Simoncelli (except the fact that he's one of GP racers) but watching that video really made me gasp. How life is so short, and silly in some ways.

This should be our reminder. Idk about you guys, but me, everytime I heard that someone (especially the ones at my age) passed away, I always feel is really so short. You may breathe at this second, but you have absolute no idea what may happen on the next second ahead. Are you ready if that day comes? If not, why aren't you? Issit because you think you haven't done enough yet in your life? For me, to be honest, I'm not ready too (if you aren't ready, then you aren't alone!) I feel like I still have to do soo many things before I die. I still want to graduate first, to get married, to have gorgeous babies, etc and etc. This really makes me realized that life is too short to be wasted. So, use every single second of your life wisely, guys! Don't do things that you'll regret later on *wink*

Okay, enough about the sad things. now let's move to the happy things! and, talking about getting married, today I'll show you the lates Vera Wang's runway show.

What do you think about black wedding dress?

Being born as Chinese and raised with Chinese culture, its not easy to just change the tradition and wear black gown to your wedding.

but surprisingly, I don't mind.... I'm okay with black cause black is gorgeous and sexy in a good way. it doesn't always represent funeral (as what my family will say) and somehow I think my parents will be fine as long as I love it...its just the rest of the family.

what do you think? would you wear black, white, red or....? what color do you want to use for your perfect wedding gown?

Images courtesy of Yahoo!


  1. It is really bold to wear a black wedding gown but hey "black swan: is really a good theme after all !


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