Friday, October 21, 2011

walk the thousand miles

this post is not gonna be the 'usual' post you've seen from me, cause today I'm gonna cover an online shop. Yep, one of my fave online shops (yes, I do shop online a lot) and I'll dedicate today's post to Selittoes Shoes
Some of you may already know this brand, but anw...let's the photos do the talk.

Left to right, top to bottom:
1. Code: F049, Price: all flats start from IDR 200,000
2. Code: F080, Price: all flats start from IDR 200,000
3. Code: W075, Price: starting from IDR 280,000 (depending on the height of your wedges)
4. Code: B002, Price: starting from IDR 300,000 (depending on the height of your heels)

But these are only four of their gorgeous products. They have a wide range selection of shoes, from flats, to wedges, heels, and even boots! Their shoes are not only nice to look at, but only nice to wear.
Go check out their Facebook for more photos..! oh, and, you can make a customized order from them too! I've made mine *wink*

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