Thursday, April 14, 2011

Lookbook Stars

Recently, I've been doing nothing. Just watching CSI (oh, yes, Imma big fan) and starring at the lookbook posts from others. These photos below are my current 'idols' on Lookbook and maybe, for most of you, this isn't your first time hearing about them.

So, let's start with the local (Indonesian) stylish women. (the number isn't the rank-based)

1. Anastasia Siantar

most of the times, she just wears a simple top with short, just a casual outfit. and sometime, she creatively makes an experience with her clothes. but no matter what she wears, it always looks good on her. personally I think, its not about how expensive are the goods she wears, but how she puts on everything together. want to 'observe' her more? check out her blog here

2. Silvia Siantar

I always presume her style as the countess' style. you know, like how the first lady and duchess dress up. she's the simply elegant woman. and somehow her style always reminds me of Blake Lively. everytime I saw her new post, I always think that "Blake will definitely looks good in this outfit". You can click here to visit her blog.
and honestly, I've been wondering whether Silvia is Anastasia's relative, since they have the same surname and also because both of them are equally gorgeous.

3. Michelle Koesnadi

For me, she's also the kind of duchess but in a total different way than Silvia. She's the classy chic lady. and, fyi, the 2nd look of her is my fave look of her. although, it's soo simple, but it seems like there are a lot of 'meanings' behind the simplicity. Click here to get to know her style more.

4. Elisa (Elle) Yamada

She's the admirably sweet pretty woman. She has a unique way to express herself in fashion. I always love the way she mixes and matches a lot of things, but in the end it doesn't look too much. instead, it looks so harmonious all together. Maybe you've heard about an online shop called Gowigasa before? Yes? she's the owner, together with her sister Jessica Yamada. the clothes thay sell are good in quality and it comes with affordable price as well! I've bought Gowigasa's clothes a couple times and so far I'm never disappointed. so, why not you check out her blog here :)


  1. thanks sooo much for featuring me there xx

  2. I love your blog! Please check out mine and follow if you'd like :)

  3. hey, i saw your comment on my blog. well, anas and I are relatives.

    thanks for the post, keep in touch:)


  4. Hi dear,
    Thanks a lot for featuring me here :D
    You are sooo nice!



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