Thursday, April 28, 2011

colour me, would you?

Hi, dears... it almost 2weeks since the last time I updated my blog. honestly, I blog for myself, I don't even think that there's someone out there (wants to) read my blog, until yesterday, a friend of mine told me that she loves reading my blog. it kinda excites me and makes me feel like blogging a.s.a.p, haha.. (if you read this, thanks to you, non)

Anw, I'm currently in love with vibrant and neon colors. to be honest with you, I have no idea why, and I don't know whether its in trend now or what. its like, suddenly they amuse me, just like that. trust me, on my wardrobe, the hue is navy, black, beige, brown, black, grey and white. I love them cause they're versatile. but suddenly I feel like they're boring.

So, afraid that I'm a fashion victim, I do my own research, and voila! I found that people are starting to wear vibrant and neon colors as well. like what you can see here..... (photos courtesy of

(left : London, right : Paris)

another fashionista(s) in Paris

and as well as Milan

still not satisfied yet, I do another research, and I found these! (photos courtesy of

Lookbook-er from Netherland

a fashion blogger from San Fransisco

a gorgeus girl from Rome

and even a guy from Milan

So, what do you think? are they really in trend now? I mean, since its Spring-Summer season anyway. or issit just me?

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