Saturday, March 5, 2011

the genius - part1

Yak! I haven't even posted the 2nd part of the "must have" fro this season yet. Sorry, I'm so freaking busy these months. Last year of degree is surely tiring. But I (surely) still have time to make a post about my idol.....Alber Elbaz

I bet everybody knows that yesterday (according to my local time) Lanvin had their show going on in Paris. So, here's the updates... Oh! btw, since I found it too much (I love almost all his works) so, I'll have another post focusing on the accessories (bags and shoes) only..

*all photos courtesy of

this vintage flower dress is my favorite

I madly in love with Lanvin because of Alber Elbaz. I really wish that one day I could attend his fashion show, which is sadly not this year. :(
My boyfie is in Paris now, but unfortunately he's not into fashion at all. He doesn't even know who Alber Elbaz is. Plus, he even didn't know that there's Paris Fashion Week there... *sigh. What a waste...

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