Saturday, February 19, 2011

Spring-Summer 2011 - part.1

I know this is sooo late. its like almost entering the 3rd month of this year, but anyway... I'm still gonna post it out, so... enjoy! :)

this info is based on what I found from

so these are the "must have" items for SS2011

1. Sheer maxi dress

Alberta Feretti

Salvatore Ferragamo

street fashion

Topshop - US$89

2. Laced clothing - its actually already there since the year 2008 'n I think its still gonna be "in" again this year

Alexander Wang

Topshop - US$ 81

3. Crochet and Macrame
what is Crochet? Crochet is needlework done with a small hook at one end for drawing the thread or yarn through intertwined loops. (

then what about Macrame? Macrame is a relatively coarse lace; made by weaving and knotting cords. ( intertwined loops. (

then, what's the difference between this two? since both are (basically knitted)
Macrame is made by knotting the main fabric to great visual affect. while Crochet isn't knotted like macrame; it's made from loops of yarn, created using a single hooked needle.

Marc Jacob

crochet - Dolce Gabbana

macrame embroidery - Dolce Gabbana

Topshop - US$ 78

4. Tassels - a bunch of loose threads or cords bound at one end and hanging free at the other, used as an ornament on curtains or clothing (


Roberto Cavalli


Topshop - US$ 41 / US$101 / US$78

5. Bell bottoms - designating trousers or slacks that are flared beginning at the knee or mid-calf (

Derek Lam

Forever 21 - US$ 25

bell bottom pants are good for some people, indeed. but lemme tell you this, only those who have skinny legs and tall are good wearing this pants. unless, this kind of pants will only make your thigh look fatter and you look shorter :)

* all price shown are rounded up

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